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@Lenixxmusic - 6 days

RT : Raise you’re hand if you’re one of the many #AmericansForImpeachment

@Lenixxmusic - 6 days

RT : A majority of Americans want Trump impeached and removed. RAISE YOUR HAND if you’re one of the tens of millions of #AmericansFo…

@Lenixxmusic - 6 days

Hi Luvs! Back to the music! I’ve been having a lot going on in other aspects of my life but now I want to present…

@Lenixxmusic - 3 months

RT : Cassie got pregnant and engaged with her new man in under a year after spending over a decade with Diddy. Time means not…

@Lenixxmusic - 4 months

Gotta admit, and are tied in likeness to me! Why can't they both be great!😎

@Lenixxmusic - 4 months

We waited five years just for this outcome in the Eric Garner case? SMH! #wecandobetter

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