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Full of life and positive energy, Lenixx was born Relana Jah’melle McGlothan, a daughter of two revolutionary minds in Atlanta, GA. As an adolescence growing up in Portland, Oregon, Lenixx suffered a life of adversary and pain. As an outlet to cope with some of the struggle she experienced she found a calmness in participating in the arts such as dancing, songwriting and singing to escape some issues she dealt with.

As she grew into an adult she joined the US Army, though proud to serve her country, she knew her passion lied in the arts and entertaining. During her military experience, Lenixx started writing hooks for her brother, a local Portland rapper called Mike Machete along with other rappers. Then she started to create her own songs. After winning her first competition at a talent show at a military post in Germany in February 2004 she new she had to continue to pursue her dream of becoming a singer and songwriter.

Previously under the artist names Relana, Izana, and the lead singer of the band Funky LegHorns, Lenixx has the unique talent of hearing a music track and creating a unique song with influences of sounds like Alicia Keys, Sade, Prince, Vanity, and Mary J. Blige, but what is clear is that Lenixx is original in the content of her music and voice. With soft flowing melodies to deep intricate lyrics of life’s struggle and happiness on groovy compositions Lenixx sings! The next star to be found on the charts is none other than Lenixx.

Music resume timeline to date:

2001-2003: Lenixx starts writing hooks for her hometown rapper associates while recovering from knee surgery while stationed in the Army in Germany.  Lenixx records with local Portland producers and completes her first songs ‘Playa Jimmy’ and ‘Games You Play’ on a short trip home. Later she returns to Europe to win a talent show on the military post, Bad Aibling Station, Germany early into the next year.

2004: Lenixx returns to the states for 5 months records with Keary Kase, local Portland rapper and producer and attends her second competition in Orlando, Florida at the Fashion Rock Event making several contacts in modeling, acting and singing categories.

2005-2006: Lenixx returns to Europe, She signed her first management contract with German A&R of Unicade Records Munich, Marcello Pagins. During this management period she records with various producers.  Was cast’d by Syndicade Records Munich, for the girl group ‘Las Chicas’ but Lenixx turned it down due to unreasonable contract terms. Later that year she had a soft release of her song ‘AhAhAh’ on Sound Star Records in Munich.  Starts recording with producers like Reco Lynch of G-Code and David Walters. Joins the band Funky LegHorns as lead singer for the next 2 years. Records more demo songs. Competes in Germany’s Pop-Star competition made it through 2 rounds then eliminated. Later ends management contract with Marcello Pagins.

2007-2009: Does a photo shoot with Chad Boutin to launch a new single, ‘Tell Me’ and for promotional material.  By the end of the year, Lenixx returns to the states. Lenixx starts her own label Lynx Records in Las Vegas, starts recording with Talbot Snow of Soundmasters and does several studio recording jobs for other artists. With new inspiration and further development, Lenixx records, ‘Hurt’, covers Marilyn Mansion’s ‘Dope Show’ and ‘BlackBird’ for more demo work. Lenixx continues recording songs like, ‘Forces’, and Track Trick’ and later signs new management for a short term under new production with a small label in NC, records a few songs but that management ended soon afterwards.

2010: Lenixx returns to Vegas to record ‘Thicky Thick(Girl)’. After much frustration, personal struggle, and continued recording, Lenixx hiatuses for 2 years.

2012: Lenixx starts recording in the later part of this year after meeting upcoming producer George Quinn and finally solidify’s her sound.

2013: Lenixx releases songs ‘Tears in Our Hearts’ and ‘Take Me Over’ and several others on RevebNation.  After being well acknowledged and raved for her new music, she performs 10 times in Las Vegas in the later part of that year, cementing her presence as a local entertainer and rising star.  Her show at the Lounge at the Palms Casino and Resort got rave reviews and showed that Lenixx is a versatile artist with potential to be a mainstream success. Lenixx starts working on her official debut for two upcoming albums.

2014: Lenixx starts preparing for her first Debut Album, ‘ Blue Vixen’.  Her first single release off this album called ‘Warning Signs’ was released on March 24th.  Lenixx experienced here first true success with this Soul/Pop record.  It led to a decent buzz and for her to host and perform in 2 premier nightclubs in Los Angeles and 1 premier nightclub in Las Vegas.  With solidified support of fans, Warning Signs was widely respected with it groovy Soulful content. Later she released another song called ‘The Fall’ in August. With very little marketing and push with this single, Lenixx planned to remaster and re-release ‘The Fall’ later as plans for her Debut Album/EP isn’t able to be funded.

2015: Lenixx releases a mixtape that she composed 70% and produced herself.  The ‘Dark Days at Slip Point Ave’ Album was initially released as a mixtape in August 2015. After realizing the commercial potential of this art of work, Lenixx decided to an official release in 2016.

2016: Lenixx officially releases her first single off her album Dark Days At Slip Point Ave on May 1st.  As a compliment and true respect for her vocal talent and ability, Houston rapper Lil Flip featured a verse on a single giving it a commercial and hip-hop demographic crossover appeal. Once completed it was officially released May 29th.  Her release of this album proved to those who encountered her work, her quality talent and true appeal as a rising star.  She lead a 5 show residency in Las Vegas at the Artifice which allowed her to win the support and love of the Las Vegas locals.  

2017: Lenixx is currently working the release of her her next single ‘Infidels’.  Lenixx continues to rise with her social media support and looks forward to more discovery of her talent by the public and industry.

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